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Our Latest range of Kimono

kimono for kimono loving woman
RJC-13 £40.00
Spring Breeze

Spring cherry short black kimono robe
RJP-03-BK £65.00
Spring Cherry/Black

kimono bath robe in red polyester with spring cherry pattern
RJP-03-RD £65.00
Spring Cherry/Red

Authentic Japanese Kimono in short style
RJP-05 £65.00
Summer Crane/Turquoise

Kimono robe
RJK-02-RD £65.00
Crane Rhapsody/Red

RJK-05-PK £65.00
Maple Woodland/Pink

womens  kimono
JE-09 £85.00

kimono in blue
JC-11-BL £65.00
Crane Waltz/Blue

white kimono with cranes
JC-11-WT £60.00
Crane Waltz/White

black kimono
JK-10-BK £75.00
Spring Crane/Black

pink kimono with spring kimono colours
JK-10-PK £75.00
Spring Crane/Pink

kimono from japanese kimono company
JK-10-OY £75.00
Spring Crane/Oyster

JP-09-BL £75.00
Crane Flight/Blue

JP-09-TQ £75.00
Crane Flight/Turquoise

mountain festival blue kimono
JP-10-BL £75.00
Mountain Festival/Navy Blue

red kimono
JP-10-RD £75.00
Mountain Festival/Red

kimonos from japan kimono
JS-02-BL £148.00
Crane Rhapsody/Blue

JS-10-MT £148.00
Mythical Fable/Mint

full length kimono from 2012 to 2013 range
JP-11 £75.00
Midnight Pagoda/Black

Japanese Sumo pattern on a navy blue kimono
JC-12M £65.00


The Crane Wife

A tale from Japanese folklore about the Kimono

The origins of the crane and the kimono stretch back to an old fable from Japan titled "The Crane Wife" . There are many variations of the story but the one most told tells the tale of a poor man who finds an injured crane on his doorstep. He rescues it and nurses it back to health before releasing it. Not long after releasing the crane, a woman appears at his doorstep with whom he falls in love and marries. Recognising the depths of their poverty, his wife suggests weaving kimono out of silk to sell at the local market. She tells him she will weave the kimono if he agrees never to watch her doing so. The Kimono she weaves begin to sell at market and as they lift themselves out of poverty they enjoy the trappings of a comfortable life. But greed takes over him and despite his wifes fading health he asks her to weave more and more Kimono. One day curiosity takes over him and he sneaks into the room where she toils over the Kimono to see how she weaves such beautiful patterns. To his astonishment, he sees at the loom a crane plucking feathers from her own body and weaving them into the loom. The crane, upon seeing him, flies away and never returns.


Mens black KimonoMens black Ladies black KimonoLadies black Ladies red KimonoLadies red Ladies blue KimonoLadies blue Ladies white KimonoLadies white Kimono with bird designsBird designs Kimono with dragon designsDragon designs floral pattern on a kimonoFloral designs
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