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Kimono featuring Bird designs

Crane waltzing blue cotton
JC-11-BL £65.00
Crane Waltz/Blue

crane waltz white cotton
JC-11-WT £60.00
Crane Waltz/White

crane rhapsody blue satin
JK-02-BL £78.00
Crane Rhapsody/Blue

crane rhapsody red satin
JK-02-RD £75.00
Crane Rhapsody/Red

crane rhapsody blue short satin robe
RJK-02-BL £65.00
Crane Rhapsody/Blue

crane rhapsody red satin robe
RJK-02-RD £65.00
Crane Rhapsody/Red

spring cranr black satin
JK-10-BK £75.00
Spring Crane/Black

spring crane pink satin
JK-10-PK £75.00
Spring Crane/Pink

spring crane oyster satin
JK-10-OY £75.00
Spring Crane/Oyster

Crane rhapsody blue silk
RJK-02-BL £65.00
Crane Rhapsody/Blue

summer crane turquoise polyester
JP-05 £75.00
Summer Crane/Turquoise

mystic peacock purple polyester
JP-06 £75.00
Mystic Peacock/Purple

crane flight blue polyester
JP-09-BL £75.00
Crane Flight/Blue

summer crane short turquoise polyester robe
RJP-05 £65.00
Summer Crane/Turquoise

crane sonata black embroidered
JE-03 £135.00
Crane Sonata/Black

golden peacock black embroidered
JE-05 £160.00
Golden Peacock/Black

crane rhapsody black silk
JS-02-BK £148.00
Crane Rhapsody/Black

cr5ane rhapsody blue silk
JS-02-BL £148.00
Crane Rhapsody/Blue

dreaming crane black silk
JS-08-BK £145.00
Dreaming Crane/Black

dreaming crane red silk
JS-08-RD £148.00
Dreaming Crane/Red

    We have many kimonos that feature birds within the design as birds are an integral part of Japanese Culture. The Crane features in several Japanese legends. The crane in Japan is said to live for a thousand years & one such legend promises to anyone who can fold a thousand origami cranes eternal good luck with regard to long life or health. The peacock is associated with Guanyin, a bodhisattva associated with Eastern Asia Buddhism. It is seen as an emblem of love, compassion and kindness... Please enjoy our extensive collection.

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