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Ladies Black Kimono Designs

Black Sabi
JC-06 £68.00
Black Sabi Cotton

evening wave black
JC-08-BK £70.00
Evening Wave black Cotton

flying dragon black
JC-09-BK £70.00
Flying Dragon black Cotton

forest fans black satin
JK-03 £75.00
Forest Fans black Satin

bamboo dragon black satin
JK-06W £80.00
Bamboo Dragon black Satin

spring crane black satin
JK-10-BK £75.00
Spring Crane black Satin

spring dance black polester
JP-04-BK £75.00
Spring Dance black Polyester

womens japanese silk
JS-01 £140.00
Oriental Poem black Silk

Crane Rhapsody black silk
JS-02-BK £148.00
Crane Rhapsody black Silk

Spring morning black silk
JS-06-BK £145.00
Spring Morning black Silk

Dreaming Crane black silk
JS-08-BK £148.00
Dreaming Crane black Silk

    If you are unsure about when, where or how to wear a black kimono, why not drop us a line... We are always pleased to offer advice on our Kimono. For peace of mind read our reviews on the home page, when it comes to selling ladies black Kimonos online, customer satisfaction is always our goal

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