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Traditional restaurant in Kyoto, Japan. Home to our Kimono supplier.About Us

Since 1981 we have been Kimono specialists, visiting in person the ancient city of Kyoto in Japan to assemble our collection from the finest Kimono available.

Our manufacturers are based overlooking the beautiful Kyoto hillsides. We have always aimed to offer a reliable and personal service based upon years of experience.

The working environment is of a high ethical standard, complete with modern technology and we know personally the people who actually make our Kimono.

Traditional  kimono manufacturers workshops  overlooked by the beautiful hillsides of Kyoto, Japan.
Japanese Koi swim in the many ponds of Kyoto,Japan



Mens black KimonoMens black Ladies black KimonoLadies black Ladies red KimonoLadies red Ladies blue KimonoLadies blue Ladies white KimonoLadies white Kimono with bird designsBird designs Kimono with dragon designsDragon designs floral pattern on a kimonoFloral designs
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